Cosmetic Services License Information

*The following information about Cosmetic Licensees applies only to the state of Calfornia. Effective January 1, 2012.

What services can be provided in a salon? Who can perform these services?

Our licensees are able to perform services for beautification only.  They may not perform procedures that penetrate the skin or affect any living tissue (with the exception of the electrologist who may penetrate the skin with the appropriate tools in the scope of their license.)

  • Cosmetologist can prep, style, cut, color hair on the body including tinting eyelashes.  They may also perform facials and remove hair by waxing or tweezing.  Their license also allows them to provide the services of a manicurist and esthetician.
  • Barbers can prep, style, cut and color hair.  They may also apply cosmetic preparations, antiseptics, powders or lotions to the scalp, face or neck.  Barbers are the only licensees who can perform a shave on a consumer.
  • Estheticians can perform facials; remove hair by tweezing or waxing.  They may also apply makeup and false eyelashes.
  • Manicurists can give manicures and pedicures and apply false nails (using gel, acrylic or silk).  Their licenses limit their contact tot he hand and foot area only.
  • Electrologists perform their services with a needle or probe to remove the hair on the body of a person using electric currents.  This is the only license that allows a licensee to use a needle.

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