MSDS Health & Safety

3D-Beauty offers an array of various products and equipment that are of the highest quality and safety. 3D-Lashes Eyelash Extensions require professional application by a 3D-Lash technician to ensure that our highest standards, product quality, and application methods are met. 3D-Lashes technicians are available throughout the world.

If you’re already wearing 3D-Lashes or other 3D-Beauty products and need some of our home-care products like the Magic Styl'o Pen for Eyes and Lips, Long-Lasting Mascara, or our Lash Sealer, visit our Eyelash Extension Salons Referral Network.

Material Safety Data Sheets
♦     MSDS     A-1 Adhesive
♦     MSDS     A-2 Adhesive
♦     MSDS     MD USA Level 2 Adhesive, Black
♦     MSDS     MD USA Level 3 Adhesive, Black
♦     MSDS     MD USA Level 4 Adhesive, Black
♦     MSDS     A1 Adhesive Remover
♦     MSDS     C2 Sealer
♦     MSDS     BioGel Eye Pads
♦     MSDS     More Gorgeous Mascara
♦     MSDS     Lip Enhancer(Original)
♦     MSDS     Lip Ehancer(Pure)
♦     MSDS     Gentle Foam CleanserGentle Foam Cleanser
♦     MSDS     3D Express Cleanser
♦     MSDS     3D Expressions Remover/Correction Pen
♦     MSDS     3D Expressions Semi-Permanent Pen
♦     MSDS     Intensive Tint
♦     MSDS     Mink Strip Lash Adhesive
♦     MSDS     Dreamlash Lash Conditioner
♦     MSDS     Synergie Advanced Eyelash Perm
♦     MSDS     Le 24/7 Contour Pencil

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