Flat Curl VIP Eyebrow Extensions

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Eyebrow Extensions are the perfect add-on service to complement your existing eyelash extension services! This revolutionary technique allows technicians to enhance and recreate volume to once sparse looking brows.

Brow extensions are similar to eyelash extensions because the existing eyebrow hairs are extended with synthetic extensions to give more length, color, or both. As with the eyelash extensions this is a skill that requires practice to perfect. Each hair receives only one extension. Scars within the eyebrow can sometimes be camouflaged using longer extensions. You must be a licensed eyelash artist in order to properly apply eyebrow extensions.

“Flat” Curl VIP Eyebrow Extensions
“Flat” Extensions: These extensions have no curl. Primarily used for inner and outside corner of brows. Can be mixed with natural curl extensions
Offered in 2 thicknesses and 9 colors to suit all of your client’s needs!