Permanent Eyelash Curling

What is Permanent Eyelash Curling?

Many people are looking for procedures that enlarge the look of the eyes, but that also lasts a long time. Eyelash extension procedures, as well as dyes and permanent eyelash curling, are becoming more and more popular. A permanent curl, also called an eyelash perm, is very popular because it looks more natural than mascara, lasts two to three months, depending on the lashes and the natural span of your lashes, as they fall out naturally and are replaced by new, uncurled eyelashes.

Curled lashes make the eyes look more open and gives and enlarged look. This can be helpful especially for those people who have eyelids that have begun to droop. This can make older people look younger and fresher. The problem with using traditional eyelash curlers is that they can break off your eyelashes. Additionally, a traditional curler has to be used every day, and the curls will not hold up in the water. Permanent eyelash curling can answer these problems while giving your lashes a longer look and adding definition to your eyes.

Curled lashes make the eyes look more open and gives and enlarged look. This can be helpful especially for those people who have eyelids that have begun to droop.


Permanent eyelash curling involves the use of a perming solution and a thin roller. The lashes are treated with the solution and then rolled back over the roller. After the perm sets, the lashes remain curled for two to three months, even though shower, and even if you go swimming. An eyelash perm can replace mascara, as the perm performs the same function, but you will not have to worry about the running, smearing, and smudging that can result from wearing mascara. Additionally, the curl will not fall out as a result of crying, showering, sweating, or swimming.

There are some risks associated with permanent eyelash curling, however. As with any procedure done around the eye, it is possible to incur lasting damage. Many salons use natural ingredients in their perming solutions, but some do not. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not restrict eyelash perms, it is important to note that they may not necessarily be safe. If you have an allergy to something in the perming solution, that can result in swelling and irritation — and even lasting ocular damage. Whenever you have a procedure such as permanent eyelash curling performed on your eyes, it is a good idea to ask your beauty professional to use an eye shield designed to prevent anything from accidentally falling into your eye.

Because the perm merely curls your lashes, it will not actually make them thicker. The curling may provide the look of increased volume, but for those who wish to have longer or thicker lashes in truth, an eyelash extension procedure can help. A semi permanent eyelash extension is attached to the natural lash, causing it to extend out longer. And because the extensions are curled, the effects of wider and more defined eyes are part of the extension process. With proper car, the extensions can remain in place on the lash until the natural eyelash falls out. Additionally, extensions are resistant to the sun, sweat, tears, and water. Most of the benefits of permanent eyelash curling can be had when one undergoes an eyelash extension procedure.