Varieties Available

Options to Cater to Individual Needs

Just like any product or beauty service, there are various varieties of eyelash extension available. These extensions come in different thicknesses and colors in order to better accentuate and complement specific colorings, skin types, and hair thickness. A good beauty product should be versatile and offer enough options so that professionals can cater to individual needs. Lash extensions do just that, allowing cosmetologists to choose what they need to better serve their clientele.

A good beauty product should be versatile and offer enough options so that professionals can cater to individual needs.
  • Thickness

    Because people have different hair thicknesses, eyelash extension supplies reflect this. All lash extensions are made from soft synthetic materials, and nearly all of them look almost exactly like natural eyelashes. However, just as real eyelashes come in different thickness, so do semi permanent eyelash extensions. This way, clients can have lashes that better reflect their own natural tendencies.

  • Color

    The same is true of hair color. Brown, light brown, and black are offered to help the beauty professional more closely match the natural coloring of his or her clients. In addition to eyelash extension colors that match hair colors, it is also possible to get the extensions in colors like violet and blue. This matches the effect that can be had when one uses colored mascara. Many people find that colored extensions help bring attention to their eye color, and further add to the beauty of the eyes. Additionally, these colors are stylish and trendy and can give the wearer more of an edge, without having to deal with the messes that can result due to the use of colored mascara.

  • Length

    Not only are there different thicknesses, but also there are different lengths of eyelash extensions. Most range in length from eight millimeters to fifteen millimeters in length. The most popular lengths, however, are eight, ten, and twelve millimeters in length. This can help the professional choose a length that does not look ridiculous on some clients. It also allows the client to determine how long she or he would like her or his lashes to be. This is a very user friendly feature of lash extensions. And because all of the eyelash extension varieties are curled slightly at the ends, no matter which you choose you will receive an extension that creates and enlarging effect on the eye and can help the wearer look younger.

A Great Look

No matter what type or color of eyelash extension you choose, all of them have similar characteristics. When properly bonded they will stay on the lash until that eyelash falls out naturally. Additionally, they are weightless in the same way regular eyelashes are, so they do not make a noticeable difference in the feel of the eyes as they are worn. It is possible to find eyelash extensions that are treated with a special primer coating designed to further strengthen the bonding and to protect the extension, making it resistant to crimping and bending (although it will remain bouncy and flexible).

When one takes into account the individual needs and style of an eyelash extension wearer, it is possible to create a look that looks natural and allows the wearer to feel great.