Reasons an Eyelash Extension Might Fall Off

Why an Extension Might Fall Off Before the Natural Cycle

The best eyelash extension products will last at least two months, and some last as long as 100 days. When receiving extensions, it is important to note that they should only be applied by professionals. Semi permanent eyelashes are not the same as false eyelashes. They come individually, and need to be applied individually. They do not come on strips like the false lashes bought at stores and worn once before being discarded. They are extensions, and are applied to the natural lashes. Because even natural lashes fall out, it is reasonable to expect that extensions will eventually begin to drop off. However, there are a few common reasons that your eyelash extensions might fall off before the end of the natural cycle.

The key to a successful lash extension experience is to make sure that proper bonding takes place. If the bonding is done improperly, or not allowed to properly set, the lash extensions will not hold to the natural eyelashes and will fall off much sooner than otherwise. Find out whether or not your cosmetologist has received training in the use of the products she or he uses. Many programs offer certificates of completion so that you can make sure that your beautician is properly prepared with the techniques that will ensure proper bonding.

The key to a successful lash extension experience is to make sure that proper bonding takes place.

Another important part of proper bonding is avoiding the water for at least two hours after the application of your semi permanent eyelash extensions. While eyelash extensions can be worn in water and are resistant to tears and sweat, they should be kept dry for the hours immediately following application. The bonding solution is usually set enough for you to leave the salon within a few minutes of the procedure’s end, but the solution and extensions are not completely bonded until hours later.

Proper Care

Issues of proper care also arise. When you do not care for your lash extensions properly, you will find that they fall out much sooner. Using an eyelash brush can help you keep your lashes looking neat, as well as provide good care for them. You should not rub your eyes if you want your eyelash extensions to last as long as possible. Rubbing your eyes is not good for the over all health of the eye in general, and excessive, regular rubbing can force the extensions to fall off the eye. A sealant can help increase lash protection and help you maintain the extensions longer.

Waterproof mascara is another culprit that causes eyelash extensions to fall before their time. Because waterproof mascara itself creates a bond as it coats the lashes, this can cause problems for extensions. It is difficult to remove waterproof mascara from any lash, and removing it from a lash extension may result in breaking the bond that holds the eyelash extension to the lash.

Semi permanent eyelash extensions can add beauty to anyone’s eyes, male or female. When properly applied and cared for, these extensions can last months, providing you with great lashes to frame your eyes.