Maintaining Ocular Health While Using Beauty Aids

The eyes are very sensitive to infection and their health can be compromised if improper care is taken while using beauty aids and cosmetics. While most beauty aids designed for use around the eyes are safe to use, methods of application or the use of unclean applicators can contribute to the deterioration of ocular health. Whether you use traditional cosmetics like makeup or you like to make use of more modern aids such as the eyelash extension, it is important to remember a few tips to keep your eyes as healthy as they can be.

  • Do something about irritation

    If the use of a beauty aid irritates your eyes, you should cease using it and discard. The most common culprit is mascara. Having a regular eyelash extension procedure performed can eliminate the need for mascara and allow you to enjoy the same benefits, but without the mess and the irritation. However, even semi permanent eyelash extensions can cause irritation in rare cases, so it is important to let your beauty professional know immediately if a problem arise so that he or she can remove the extensions. If eye problems persist even after removing what you think is the source of irritation, see a doctor.

  • Keep your applicators clean

    Do not use applicators that may have been dropped in dirty places, or that are very old. Additionally, do not share applicators or swap makeup with a friend. The organisms that live in your body and on your eyes are unique to you, and when the bacteria that may be good for your friend enters your eye, it might cause inflammation or infection. Likewise, ensure that your beauty professional uses new disposable utensils when performing services for you, especially in the case of an eyelash extension procedure.

  • Discard old or dry makeup

    The older makeup is, the more likely it is that its anti-bacteria preservatives have broken down. This makes you more susceptible to infection. Additionally, makeup products that should be moist should be discarded once they start drying out. Using water or your saliva to moisten them only introduces bacteria into the eye and can cause infection. Mascara should be used for no longer than three months at a time in order to help you preserve your best possible ocular health.

  • Hold still while applying or removing your beauty aids.

    It is important to not be moving around while applying or removing makeup. Distractedly talking while you put on or remove makeup can contribute to movement. You should never use a moving vehicle as a place to apply or remove cosmetics, whether or not you are driving. You can easily poke yourself in the eye. While it may not cause lasting damage, it can introduce foreign substances into the eye and cause an infection. Likewise, you should hold still during an eyelash extension application or removal so that the beauty technician can more easily perform her or his duties and so that you can contribute to the safety of the environment.

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